Robert Kim

Musician, Entrepreneur, Educator

For the position of Part-Time faculty member in the Songwriting and Production Department at Berklee NYC


I put together this portfolio to express my enthusiasm for this role, as well as to give you a better sense of my journeys in songwriting, entrepreneurship, and education. I hope you enjoy perusing my work as you consider my candidacy.


I've been writing songs since I was 11 years old, for no other reason except that I love it. Here are some of my favorite ones I've worked on lately. Clicking each cover image will direct you to a platform where you can listen to them. From left to right, they are as follows:- some demos from my upcoming solo album
- a track I released with a friend during covid
- an EP by Uncle Skunk, which is the band I play in now.

I did all the writing, vocals and instrumentation on the first. On the second, I wrote it, and did the vocals, rhythm guitars, bass, and drums. And on the third, I wrote and performed the bass and cello parts.

Kinder Records

Established in Fall 2020 with a 10-track ambient album, Kinder Records now features its own diverse catalogue of calming music and guided audios, along with two subsidiary ambient/electronic artists, Manifestation Frequencies & Solfeggio Sanctuary.

This year, the company will release a series of guided meditations, a series of inner child prompts, a Kinder Records branded lo-fi beats live radio, and expand into marketing commercial licenses.


My journey as an educator began during the 9th grade, when I started a volunteer program for local high school students to teach affordable music lessons for young children, a program which continues to run to this day. After graduating from college, I set up my own tutoring practice and began leading in-person leadership & creativity programs for Japanese exchange students through GPI.

When the COVID-19 lockdowns put a halt to all in-person education, I pivoted to curriculum writing and design. First, I created a course and interactive textbook on Negotiation, Mediation and Diplomacy. After that, I had the opportunity to design and write scripts for 15-week courses on various topics in commercial production.


Believe it or not, I've been performing since I was just 4 years old! From piano recitals where my feet couldn’t reach the pedals to covering Fugazi in Greenpoint with my high school band Room 237, from singing the Great American Songbook with the Krokodiloes, to selling out three weeks in a row at Our Wicked Lady with Uncle Skunk, playing live music has always connected the disparate chapters of my life.

My extensive experience as a live performer continually informs and inspires the way I approach the writing and producing music, and I hope to bring that spirit to the way I teach songwriting.

Thank you

I truly appreciate you taking the time to review my portfolio. I am eager to discuss my candidacy further and explore how I can help make the Songwriting and Production program at BNYC the best it can be.Please feel free to use the form below to get in touch with me directly!